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On January 24th, 2012, I agreed to purchase an indoor heater, heat pump with a 10 year parts/3 year labor warranty and a yearly service contract from Curtis Total Service tech, Chris and Rich Price, Manager. The units were installed the same day. I was informed by Chris and Rich that Curtis Total Service “took care of everything.” They informed me that they would register the units for the warranty coverage and that I did not need to do so. They also explained that I must maintain a yearly service agreement because failure to do so would void my warranty coverage.

On April 19th, 2013, Curtis Total Service came to my residence to perform the second service agreement cleaning on my heating units. The service tech, Bill, informed me that my service contract needs to be renewed at the price of $288.00 (an increase of 20% over last year’s price) and that there would be an additional charge to remove a light layer of dust that was on the coils. I disputed the charge for 2 reasons. One, when I purchased the units, I was given a case of 16x20x1 filters. I brought it to Bill’s attention that the filters they gave me are too short in length, therefore allowing dust to get into the unit. Secondly, this was a scheduled cleaning under the service agreement and Bill was there to clean the units.

I declined both, the additional “cleaning” charge and the service contract renewal. I informed Bill that I would be pricing other service contracts. Bill then proceeded to inform me that if I failed to renew the service contract with Curtis Total Service it would void my warranty coverage.

After Bill left, I called Payne Heating and Cooling (the manufacturer of my heating units) and spoke with Melissa and she informed me that my units were never registered with Payne Heating and Cooling. The registering of the units was to have been completed by Curtis Total Service, which, was explained to me on January 24th, 2012 by Chris and Richard. Since Curtis Total Service failed to register the units, I was informed that I lost 5 years of warranty coverage on my units. Unfortunately, Payne is unable to retroactively start my warranty coverage. Melissa also informed me that as long as I maintained a service warranty with any HVAC company that my warranty coverage would not be voided. I was not under any obligation to stay with Curtis Total Service because they cannot void my warranty coverage just because I did not have a service contract with them.

Since my units were not registered until April 19th, 2013, when I registered them, Melissa informed me that Curtis Total Service is liable for my warranty/labor warranty for the next 2 years since Curtis Total Service did install the units.

On April 23rd, 2013 I attempted to contact Curtis Schafer, the owner of Curtis Total Service, to discuss the warranty issues and service contract. I was informed by a “Debbie” that he was not in the office; I asked that my call be forwarded to his voicemail so that I may leave a message. Within 5 minutes I received a phone call from Rich Price, stating that I will not ever talk to the owner because, “he handles all this stuff.” Rich’s attitude was very rude and threatening. Rich threatened to void my warranty if I did not agree to renew the service contract with Curtis Total Service. I informed Rich that I wanted only to speak to Curtis Schafer at this point. Rich made 3 return calls to me and I finally asked him to no longer contact me again and I did end the conversation by hanging up on him.

I think it is a reasonable request that Curtis Total Service be responsible for the 5 year loss of warranty coverage due to their negligence in not registering my units. I am looking to be compensated in some way, whether it is a written agreement with Curtis Total Service for an extended 5 year warranty on parts at their expense or that I be reimbursed for my extended warranty costs with another HVAC dealer. I am uncertain if I would want to continue doing business with Curtis Total Service due to their “strong arm tactics” way of business. I feel that if I would I might be retaliated against if they were to ever service my units in the future.

Monetary Loss: $2475.

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Rebuttal to this report on Curtis Total Service:

Rich Price had sent me a letter on April 24,2013 to see if we could come to an agreement that would satisfy both of us. I would like to say Rich Price went out of his way to correct this problem. I am very satisfied with result and I would highly recommend their service.

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